Environmentally friendly transformer box

Currently, environmentally friendly vegetable oil has been applied to high-voltage 220/550kV transformers, achieving good electrical performance and environmental performance. The American box variable seals the switch, transformer and other high-voltage […]

Lifespan of switchgear

Excessive temperature rise, insulation aging, and institutional wear are the three main forms of switchgear failure. Temperature rise and insulation are closely related, one of the main purposes of limiting […]

Medium voltage bushing

Our commonly used 24/40.5kV switchgear contact boxes and through-wall bushings basically use internal and external shielding forms, i.e. capacitive voltage divider bus bushings, which are bus bushings made by utilizing […]

American Standard Ring Network Cabinet

The IEEE standard is a standard developed by the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to ensure the correct operation and interoperability of electrical equipment, to promote interconnectivity between […]

Ideal type of switch performance

The current switches commonly used in switchgear are generally categorized as: Disconnect Switches Isolation that is to separate the two parts to achieve the safety requirements, electrical isolation to achieve […]