Medium voltage bushing

Our commonly used 24/40.5kV switchgear contact boxes and through-wall bushings basically use internal and external shielding forms, i.e. capacitive voltage divider bus bushings, which are bus bushings made by utilizing […]

American Standard Ring Network Cabinet

The IEEE standard is a standard developed by the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to ensure the correct operation and interoperability of electrical equipment, to promote interconnectivity between […]

Ideal type of switch performance

The current switches commonly used in switchgear are generally categorized as: Disconnect Switches Isolation that is to separate the two parts to achieve the safety requirements, electrical isolation to achieve […]

About Busbar Carrying Capacity

The busbar load capacity is a complex issue, which is a systematic project that needs to be considered within the switchgear system, designed to include cabinet dimensions, cabinet ventilation, and […]

Why are transformers rated in kVA and not kW?

Transformers are always rated in kVA and not kW As the name suggests, a transformer only transfers power from one circuit to another without changing the values of power and […]

Difference between KYN28A and RMU

Regarding KYN28A center-mounted cabinet and ring network cabinet, these are two concepts. Both of them are switchgear, and switchgear can be categorized according to application, insulation method, structure type and […]