Green Energy Electrical Industry Co., Ltd

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About us


-Professional exporter invested by five experienced factories.
-Direct supply from the origin, Most competitive price,Efficient delivery. 
-With rich industry resources and experience in the power and electrical industry.
-Main product series are switchgears,switchgear components and accessories,switches,EV Charging,etc.
-Official Authorized Distributor of world leading brand-EATON, and Chinese leading brand-QRE, BGKJ.


-Our Mission

Make green power supply more safe and efficient

-Our Vision
Become a one-stop high-quality supply chain and professional service provider in the green power industry

Quality Oriented

The company,quality oriented,has always selected well-known brands or high-quality product suppliers in the industry to ensure product quality; It saves you a lot of search and comparison.

Utmost Safety

All our products are manufactured in compliance with GB and IEC standards, with the reliable interlocking system for components, ensuring safe operation and personal safety.

Top support

Our team has several industrial experts and engineers, project manager with PPM certification. Most of teammember have worked in the low-voltage/medium voltage industry for many years. We have the ability to provide professional technical support.

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Medium voltage bushing

Our commonly used 24/40.5kV switchgear contact boxes and through-wall bushings basically use internal and external shielding forms, i.e. capacitive voltage divider bus bushings, which are bus bushings made by utilizing […]

American Standard Ring Network Cabinet

The IEEE standard is a standard developed by the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to ensure the correct operation and interoperability of electrical equipment, to promote interconnectivity between […]

Ideal type of switch performance

The current switches commonly used in switchgear are generally categorized as: Disconnect Switches Isolation that is to separate the two parts to achieve the safety requirements, electrical isolation to achieve […]

About Busbar Carrying Capacity

The busbar load capacity is a complex issue, which is a systematic project that needs to be considered within the switchgear system, designed to include cabinet dimensions, cabinet ventilation, and […]

Difference between KYN28A and RMU

Regarding KYN28A center-mounted cabinet and ring network cabinet, these are two concepts. Both of them are switchgear, and switchgear can be categorized according to application, insulation method, structure type and […]


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