Switchgear Parts

Switchgear Parts are an important part of switchgear used in power systems. The actuator is the core component of the switchgear cabinet and is used to control the opening and closing of the switch. It has high reliability and flexibility to ensure the normal operation of the switchgear cabinet. The chassis car is the support structure of the switchgear cabinet, which can provide stable support and reliable operation. Insulation parts are used to isolate and protect the electrical components, with good insulation performance, which can effectively prevent current leakage and damage of electrical components. Copper parts are the conductive parts of the switchgear cabinet, which are made of high-purity copper with excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance to ensure the stable transmission of current. These switchgear accessories are subject to strict quality control and testing, with high reliability and safety, and can meet the needs of various complex power systems.

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