Aviation plug JZ-58 core secondary plug seat ABB VD4 high-voltage circuit breaker socket


JZ-58 secondary plug socket is a domestically developed product with international advanced level based on the absorption of ABB and Siemens products. It is used for the secondary line connection of KYN28-12 central high voltage switchgear such as GZS1 (with VS1 and VD4). Its performance meets the requirements of GB3906-91 “3 ~ 35KV AC metal-enclosed switchgear” and this product Q/XK001-1999 “Technical Conditions”.


The secondary plug socket is mainly used for secondary control. Upload of the position signal of the circuit breaker (closing position, opening position, test position) and automatic (upper computer) connection device that controls the opening and closing of the circuit breaker. When pulling out the handcart, be sure to unplug the secondary plug to avoid damage.


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