Hand Pull 8E/4 Unit Drawer New Universal Accessories For Low Voltage Switchgear DLC1-1

This Hand Pull 8E/4 Unit Drawer offers convenient and reliable operation for your low voltage switchgear DLC1-1.


The Hand Pull 8E/4 Unit Drawer is a versatile accessory designed for low voltage switchgear DLC1-1, offering the following features and functions:

Product Information:

  • Product Name: Hand Pull 8E/4 Unit Drawer
  • Product Type: 8E/4 Drawer
  • Drawer Current: 63A, Secondary 16 Wires
  • Drawer Height: H=200
  • Handle Height: H=75

Introduction to Function and Operation:

  1. Simple Hand Operation: The drawer is operated by hand, making it easy to use. It provides a reliable locking mechanism for added safety.
  2. Built-in Functions: This mechanism includes functions such as three-position display, locking, and interlocking, enhancing its utility. The handle height is H=75.
  3. Rear Outlet Structure: The drawer features a rear outlet structure and has a drawer current of 63A with 16 secondary wires.
  4. Convenient Stroke: The stroke from the test position to the connection position is 24mm. The test location is for primary disconnection and secondary connection, while the connection location is for primary and secondary connections.
  5. Transfer Switches: The mechanism is equipped to provide one set of one open and one close transfer switch at both the test and connection positions. Normally, one set of one open and one close switch is provided at the test position.
  6. Position Indication: The drawer position is indicated by rotating an arrow to align with the corresponding position area.
  7. User-Friendly Locking: The drawer can be pushed to the connection position by pressing and holding the unlock button on the left handle. When the handle is closed, the mechanism lock rod secures the positioning block on the partition board. This action also locks the unlock button, preventing the drawer from moving. To unlock the drawer, simply open the handle and press the unlock button, allowing the drawer to be pulled out.


Drawer structure diagram

Hand Pull 8E/4 Unit Drawer New Universal Accessories For Low Voltage Switchgear DLC1-1插图2

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