Dry Type Transformer

Voltage level:

6-35 kV

Transformer capacity:


Products include:

Epoxy resin insulated dry-type transformers
Class H air-insulated dry-type transformers
Amorphous alloy core dry-type transformers
Cubic coil core air dry type transformer



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Product Structure and Manufacturing Techniques

  1. Iron Core:

    • Utilizes GEORGE auto shear (from Germany) – GEORGE 400 and GEORGE 600 modes cut silicon-steel sheets with precision (< 0.02mm burr).
    • Incorporates high-quality Japanese silicon-steel sheets to reduce no-load power consumption and noise.
    • H-insulated oil lines and Double H-glue ensure reliable performance and long service life.
    • Adopts a five-stage stepping joint, adjustable champ force, and elastic bearing assembly for cushioning and shock resistance.
  2. Coil:

    • High-voltage coils: Sectional cylinder coils, withstand high voltage, have high fire resistance, and fine cooling systems.
    • Low-voltage coils: Copper foil coils, cast using DMD Pre-impregnated heat distribution method for high efficiency and short-circuit resistance.
  3. Thin Insulation Layer:

    • Winding enclosed by reinforced film resin with compound silicon-hydride glass-fiber (withstands 200℃) for high mechanical strength.
    • Ensures expansion/shrinkage with winding, preventing resin layer splitting, and aids heat radiation.
  4. Casting:

    • Coils processed in VACUUMPEK3/150E (HEDRICH CO, LTD. Germany) vacuum casting pot using Cibasc-F epoxy resin, solidified agent, and glass fiber.
    • Ensures low/no partial discharge and a controlled casting process to guarantee performance.
  5. Transformer Casing:

    • Uses a framework modular aluminum alloy casing for compactness and rigidity.
    • Adapts to IP20 or IP23 standards for indoor/outdoor applications, ensuring safety and heat radiation capacity.
  6. Quality and Testing:

    • Focuses on quality consciousness, emphasizing ISO9001 Quality System Certification, and implementing 6-Sigma quality control.
    • Conducts various specialized tests for compliance with international standards.
  7. Technical Support and Service:

    • Provides comprehensive systematic technical support, values customer feedback, and continuously improves product and service quality.
  8. Environmental Considerations:

    • Ensures environmentally friendly manufacturing, operation, and disposal processes in line with ISO14001 standards.
    • Allows for the disassembly of expired transformers with a high recovery ratio for reuse or environmentally friendly disposal.
  9. Sustainable Development:

    • Adheres to ISO14000 and ISO18000 standards and conducts experiments for heat shock resistance, environmental adaptability, and fire resistance, aiming for continuous improvement.


Factory Photos

Material stacking area

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assembly area

Dry Type Transformer插图5

inspection area

Dry Type Transformer插图6

finished product

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