A DJTG-12/24kV 630ADeadbreak Type Junction


630A Dead break Type JuncUon is designed for the outdoor Power Cable Sector and Underground Power Cable Sector. It is suitable for branch boxes, surround power supply branch cabinets of European style, and can connect with 630A Shield Fore­Connector.


12kV 630A Deadbreak Type Junction

24kV 630A Deadbreak Type Junction.

Reference No:
A DJTG-12/630
A DJTG-24/630

Deadbreak Type Junction
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Place of Origin : Zhejiang, China
Model Number: A DJTG-12/24kV 630A
Type: Butt Sleeve/bushing
Material: Epoxy Resin
Product Name: Epoxy Resin Butt Sleeve
Material: Epoxy Resin
color: Red
Advantage: Excellent Insulation Properties
Type: Insulation Sleeving
Shape: Irregular Shape


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