A JCTG 12kV 630A Integral Deadbreak Bushing


The 630ATwo-point bushing provides an intertace for the 630Acable connector
and is mainly used for American type cabinet transformer, Ring main un『t switchgear
and other equipments. One side ot the bushing can install on the American type
cabinet transformer connect to high voltage winding, and the shirt side install on the
Ring Main unit as outgoing. Connected with shielded Deadbreak T connector, with
the skirt side connect to the busbar junction.can be air insulated.
The material is an epoxy resin, with good mechanical and electrical properties


12kV 630A Integral Deadbreak Bushing

Reference No.
A JCTG-12/630


The 12kV 630A Insulated Deadbreak Bushing is specifically designed for use with Cable Branch Cabinets equipped with SF6 switches. These bushings can be used in conjunction with separable connectors, such as the 630A T and T-11 dead break connectors. The bushings are constructed using epoxy resin, which provides superior mechanical and electrical properties. The presence of a skirt on the bushing allows for better utilization of the Deadbreak Rotatable Feed-thru Bushing.

Kit Contents:

  • Integral Deadbreak Bushing
  • Covering cap
  • Installation Instruction Sheet
  • Quality Certificate

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