Earthing Switch JN15A(EK6)-24/31.5 Indoor AC ground switch

The JN15A(EK6)-24/31.5 Indoor AC High Voltage Earthing Switch EK6 is a reliable and advanced solution that meets the highest technical standards. It ensures the protection of critical electrical equipment in power systems and is well-suited for use in various high voltage switchgear applications


Introducing the JN15A(EK6)-24/31.5 Indoor AC High Voltage ground switch EK6, an advanced high-performance product designed to meet stringent technical parameters. This indoor AC high voltage ground switch conforms to both GB1985 and IEC62271 standards, applies to power system of 24kV and three-phase AC 50Hz. It is equipped with short-circuit making capacity to protect connected electrical equipment from potential damage and can be seamlessly integrated with various high voltage switchgear. Additionally, it plays a crucial protective role during the maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment.

Key Parameters:

  • Rated Voltage: 24KV
  • Rated Short-Time Withstand Current: 31.5KA
  • Rated Short-Circuit Duration: 4S
  • Rated Short-Circuit Current: 80KA
  • Rated Peak Withstand Current: 80KA
  • Rated Insulation Level:
    • Rated Short-Time Power Frequency Withstand Voltage: 65KV (Relative phase)
    • Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage: 125KV
  • Mechanical Life: 2000 Times
Earthing Switch JN15A(EK6)-24/31.5 Indoor AC ground switch插图1

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