FLN/FLRN36-24 for SF6 Gas Insulated Load Break Switch

24kV SF6 Load Break Switch: Reliable Medium Voltage Switchgear


The FLN36-24kV SF6 load break switch is a pivotal component in medium voltage switchgear, leveraging SF6 gas as an arc extinguishing and insulating medium. With three distinct working positions – open, closed, and earth – this switch offers versatility and adaptability to diverse applications, making it a top choice in the industry.

Key Features and Types:

  1. Compact and Adaptable: Its compact size, ease of installation, and robust environmental adaptability make it suitable for various applications.
  2. Two Variants: The switch comes in two types: FLN36-24kV (K type single spring operating mechanism) and FLRN36-24kV (A type double spring operating mechanism). The latter can be equipped with a fuse combination, providing control and protection functions, making it ideal for power supply, substations, and as a protective and control device, particularly suitable for ring main units, cable distribution boxes, and switching substations.

Ambient Conditions:

  1. Temperature: -40℃ to +40℃
  2. Relative Humidity: Daily average ≤ 95%, Monthly average ≤ 90%
  3. Altitude: ≤ 2000m
  4. Earthquake Intensity: ≤ 8 degrees
  5. Environment: No corrosive gas, no combustible gas, no steam, and minimal vibrations.

Operating Mechanism:

Manual Operating Mechanism:

  • K Type Spring Dual-Function Operating Mechanism: This mechanism operates via spring press and release for functions like earthing, switch-on, and switch-off.
  • A Type Spring Dual-Function Operating Mechanism: Similar to the K type but with an additional fuse striker trip function. Electromagnetic trip is also available upon request.

Switch On/Off Operation:

  • The operation involves rotating crank arms, triggering springs, and driving contactors to either connect or disconnect the load.

Earth Operation: Earthing is seamlessly integrated into the mechanism’s functions.

Motorized Operating Mechanism:

  • Motor operation can be added to both operating mechanisms, allowing for manual or motorized operation. It supports various operating voltages, including DC48V and AC/DC 110V 220V.

The FLN36-24kV SF6 load break switch is a reliable and versatile solution for medium voltage switchgear needs. Its adaptability, environmental resilience, and choice of operating mechanisms make it a valuable asset in power distribution systems.

Outline and installation dimensions

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