JN15 series MV 24KV earthing switch ground switch

Introducing the JN15-24 Indoor High-Voltage Earthing Switch, a reliable solution designed to meet the performance requirements of AC high-voltage switchgear and provide essential grounding protection during equipment maintenance.


Key Features:

  1. Versatile Application: Suitable for indoor use in electric power systems with ratings of 3-12KV, three-phase, AC 50(60)Hz. Compatible with various types of HV switchgear and serves as an effective earthing protection device.
  2. Advanced Design: Features advanced design principles for steady and reliable performance.
  3. Simplified Structure: Boasts a simple and straightforward structure for easy installation and adjustment.
  4. High-Speed Operation: Provides fast breaking and making capabilities to ensure efficient functionality.
  5. Attractive Design: Presents an appealing appearance and delicate manufacturing craftsmanship.
  6. Dual-Sided Operation: Designed for usability on both sides, accommodating right and left-handed operation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.: JN15-24/31.5 HV Earthing Switch
  • Standard: Complies with GB1985-2004 (AC HV disconnect switch and earthing switch) and IEC129 standards.
  • Application: Suitable for use in KYN28-24 HV switchgear and various types of HV switchgear.
  • Main Function: Serves as a grounding protection device during high-voltage equipment maintenance.
  • Central Distance Between Poles: Available in various options: 210mm/220mm/230mm/250mm/275mm.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Rated Voltage: 24KV
  • Rated Short-Time Withstand Current: 31.5KA
  • Rated Short-Circuit Duration: 4S
  • Rated Short-Circuit Making Current: 80KA
  • Rated Peak Withstand Current: 80KA
  • Rated Insulation Level: PE Withstand Voltage (1min): 65KV (Phase to earth), 65KV (Phase to phase)
  • Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage: 95KV
  • Mechanical Endurance: 2000 times

The JN15-24 Indoor High-Voltage Earthing Switch is your trusted companion for safe and efficient high-voltage equipment maintenance in a wide range of applications.

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