Green Energy Electrical Industry Co., Ltd

About Green Energy Electrical

Our Headquaters

Green Energy Electrical Industry Co., Ltd is a professional exporter,located in electrical city of China, invested by five experienced factories.

It has a history of more than ten years in the power and electrical industry, some of which have a history of more than 30 years.

We supplies power electrical products and OEM/ODM services across LV/MV switchgears and its components & accessories, switching devices, insulation products, cooper machining products and EV Charging.

All five factories have ISO9001, ISO14001certificates. The company aims to make green electrical supply more safe and efficient.

Meanwhile, we became Official Authorized Distributor of Eaton Electrical,QRE and BGKJ from 2022.

Our Factories


Field operation videos

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Authorized Distributor

Green energy electrical are Official Authorized Distributor of EATON electrical.With direct supply from the origin and efficient export services (immediate shipment with origin documents), we help customers reduce the procurement costs of Eaton products, especially vacuum interrupters, fuses, circuit breakers, contactors, etc. Due to our years of cooperation with foreign brands, our company has applied a complete and international process for factory management.

Our Team

Our team has several industrial experts and engineers, also have project manager with PPM certification. Most of teammember have worked in the low-voltage/medium voltage industry for many years. Therefore, we have the ability to provide technical support while providing cost-effective solutions to problems.

We also provide efficient, low-cost one-stop service and cost services, such as production supervision, type test, Acceptance testing.

Why Us


The company,quality oriented,has always selected well-known brands or high-quality product suppliers in the industry to ensure product quality; It saves you a lot of search and comparison, and can't distinguish the true from the false to ensure the quality.


When presented with large orders, many manufacturers struggle to meet the deadline. Your projects and orders may be interrupted by late delivery.We can evaluate and give alternative solutions to ensure the delivery time of the purchaser.
Owe to the strong supply chain resources, we have the ability of efficient delivery.

Utmost Safety

All our products are manufactured in compliance with GB and IEC standards, with the reliable interlocking system for components, ensuring safe operation and personal safety.


Having gone through strict quality control, our branded electrical units and high-quality raw materials ensure the robustness and long-lasting performance of our switchgear components.

High Adaptability

A wide range of our switchgear devices and components adopt modular design for easy and quick configuration, featuring lightweight appearance and low maintenance properties.


Supported by premiere workmanship and premium materials, our products are subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee functionality for long periods of time.

Wide Coverage

We offer a wide selection of switchgear components to cater to your specific needs and empower you with a one-stop shop, minimizing your costs and saving you time.

Minimum Maintenance

Owing to special surface treatment and long-lasting lubricating grease, our products deliver stable performance of all functions, prolonging the lifespan and minimizing maintenance costs.


With high-quality supply chain resources and good relations in the industry, we can obtain the support of manufacturers to ensure that we can provide cost-effective products.
Meanwhile,Evaluation two or more target supplier for your first cooperation as requested.
If there are already cooperating or target suppliers, our company can act as a service provider and only charge 3% of the export service fee to help the purchaser do the follow-up work.



You might have to go to different suppliers in order to obtain various components that you need to complete your projects and orders, resulting in loss of time and increased costs.
We are capable of providing one-Stop purchasing for you to saving the sourcing time and costs.
I as the third party, which can better coordinate the problems of both parties and protect your company's interests. 
Provide product-related supporting services,improve communication efficiency,better control the project process.


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