VSG Integrated Unit Spring Operating Mechanism for VCB 12KV/24KV


The operating mechanism is an important part of the high-voltage circuit breaker. This VSG spring operating mechanism is used for VSG series vacuum circuit breaker, suitable for 3 phase AC,50 Hz, and rated voltage of 12kV, and applied in places with breaking of different load and frequent operations as protection and control unit, such as industrial and mining enterprise, power plants and transformer substations.


The VSG Operating Mechanism employs a cam within the core module to directly drive the spindle in the frame spindle module. This setup aims to minimize the transmission links, enhancing transmission efficiency without employing hinge connections. This approach reduces the energy required for the product and extends its service life.

The initial setup involves installing the main circuit module to accomplish the fundamental configuration of the vacuum circuit breaker. Subsequently, the chassis car module, contact arm, contact, and insulating sleeve are installed to finalize the hand-cranked circuit breaker configuration.

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