Eaton Moeller series NZM – Molded Case Circuit Breaker. Rotary handle, lockable, size 2


General specifications Product Name Eaton Moeller series NZM operating element
Catalog Number 260127
Model Code NZM2-XDV
EAN 4015082601270
Product Length/Depth 85 mm
Product Height 100 mm
Product Width 105 mm
Product Weight 0.38 kg
Compliances UL/CSA IEC RoHS conform
Certifications CE marking IEC60947 CSA (File No. 22086) UL listed CSA certified CSA (Class No. 1437-01) UL489 UL (File No. E140305) UL (Category Control Number DIHS) CSA-C22.2 No. 5-09
Product specifications 10.11 Short-circuit rating Is the panel builder’s responsibility. The specifications for the switchgear must be observed.
Frame NZM2
10.4 Clearances and creepage distances Meets the product standard’s requirements.
Suitable for Power circuit breaker Switch disconnector
10.12 Electromagnetic compatibility
10.2.5 Lifting Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
Locking facility Lockable on the 0 position on the switch using up to 3 padlocks Verification of thermal stability of enclosures
Fitted with: Padlock Verification of resistance of insulating materials to normal heat Resist. of insul. mat. to abnormal heat/fire by internal elect. effects
10.8 Connections for external conductors Is the panel builder’s responsibility.
10.9.2 Power-frequency electric strength
Special features Complete with rotary driveCan be combined with insulating surroundMODAN handle position detection by wire release can be retrofittedMakes it possible to operate the switch with a rotational movement and provides locking facilities
10.7 Internal electrical circuits and connections
Color Black
Degree of protection / NEMA enclosure type IP20 4X. 12
Features Standard: black / gray Lockable
10.10 Temperature rise The panel builder is responsible for the temperature rise calculation. Eaton will provide heat dissipation data for the devices.
10.9.3 Impulse withstand voltage
Type AccessoryRotary handle on circuit-breaker
10.2.2 Corrosion resistance
10.6 Incorporation of switching devices and components
10.2.4 Resistance to ultra-violet (UV) radiation
10.2.7 Inscriptions
10.5 Protection against electric shock
Used with NZM2(-4), PN2(-4), N(S)2(-4)
10.13 Mechanical function The device meets the requirements, provided the information in the instruction leaflet (IL) is observed.
10.2.6 Mechanical impact
10.9.4 Testing of enclosures made of insulating material
10.3 Degree of protection of assemblies
Activation type Rotary handle
Brochures  eaton-digital-nzm-brochure-br013003en-en-us.pdf
Catalogs  eaton-digital-nzm-catalog-ca013003en-en-us.pdf
Certification reports  DA-DC-03_NZM2
Drawings  123X323
Installation instructions  IL01203003Z
mCAD model  DA-CD-nzm2_xd
Specifications and datasheets  Eaton Specification Sheet – 260127
Technical data sheets  eaton-nzm-technical-information-sheet
Date Thu Jul 20 2023