Vacuum Interrupter Nylon Embedded Pole 12kV | JEP2-12

12kV Vacuum Interrupter Nylon Embedded Pole 

Composite Material Embedded Poles FOR Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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The Vacuum Interrupter Nylon Embedded Pole employs insulating material to securely combine a vacuum interrupter and the main loop conductive element, forming a single insulating support. This design offers several advantages, including simple assembly, stable weight, high reliability, and robust environmental pollution tolerance.


  • High dielectric strength and mechanical strength.
  • The housing of the embedded pole is made of fire-retardant nylon, enhancing its strength.
  • Provides excellent protection for the vacuum interrupter against moisture, dust, and external damage.
  • Suitable for various climatic conditions and site altitudes.
  • Highly reliable with an extended service life.
  • Easy assembly on circuit breakers.
  • Maintains the highest quality standards.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Efficiently enhances dielectric strength without using greenhouse gases.

Main Technical Data:

  1. Rated Voltage: 12kV
  2. Rated Current: 630A/1250A
  3. Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  4. Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Current: 20KA/25KA/31.5kA
  5. Breaking Operations of Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Current: 30 times
  6. Rated Short-Circuit Making Current: 50KA/80kA
  7. Rated Peak Withstand Current: 50KA/80kA
  8. Rated Short-Time Withstand Current (4s): 25KA/31.5kA
  9. Rated Breaking Current of Single Capacitor Bank: 630A
  10. Rated Breaking Current of Back-to-Back Capacitor Bank: 400A
  11. Short-Time Power-Frequency Withstand Voltage (1min): 48KV
  12. Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak): 85KV
  13. Circuit Resistance at Rated Contact Force: ≤30µΩ
  14. Mechanical Endurance: 30,000 times
  15. Contact Closing Force Due to Bellows and Atmosphere: 100±30N
  16. Counterforce at Rated Contact Stroke: 200±30N
  17. Contact Limit Erosion: 3mm
  18. Storage Life: 20 years
  19. Partial Discharge: ≤1PC
  20. Rated Operating Sequence: 0-0.3s-CO-180s-CO

Mechanical Data of Vacuum Circuit Breaker:

  1. Rated Contact Stroke: 9±1mm
  2. Overrun: 3.5±0.5mm
  3. Average Opening Speed: 1.1±0.2m/s
  4. Average Closing Speed: 0.6±0.2m/s
  5. Rated Contact Pressure: 3000±200N
  6. Contact Bouncing Duration at Closing Operation: ≤2ms
  7. Out of Simultaneity of Contact Closing and Opening: ≤2ms
  8. Max. Overtravel: ≤2mm