VS1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker Transfer Trolley High Voltage Cabinet Transfer Trolley 650mm 800mm 1000mm wide

The circuit breaker transfer trolley comprising a support body with a guide wheel set, a lower platform guide plate, an upper platform guide plate, the lower platform guide plate is set on the support body and a pallet is provided on the upper platform guide plate; a cam type handle is provided on one side of the pallet; adjustable height, reliable operation and good safety.


The circuit breaker transfer trolley is a work trolley that pulls or pushes the circuit breakers out of the breaker room in the transfer switchgear. When the circuit breaker is to be pushed into the breaker room, the breaker needs to be placed on the shelf of the transfer trolley and pushed by hand to the breaker room; if the breaker is to be pulled out, the breaker transfer trolley is docked with the switchgear and the breaker is pulled out manually, and the breaker is pulled to the breaker transfer trolley by the movement of the rollers on the breaker chassis trolley and then processed for maintenance.