Manufacturer of SRM-40.5 Indoor Gas Insulated Switchgear Panel

Fully insulated gas-filled annular main switchgear

40.5kV medium voltage switchgear

The SRM series medium voltage switchgear is a highly efficient SF6 gas-insulated switchgear with a rated voltage range of 10kV to 40.5kV. This versatile switchgear is available in a variety of unit types, including V (vacuum circuit breaker) unit, C (load breaker) unit, F (fuse combination unit), PT (voltage transformer) unit, etc. Customers can customize unit combinations to meet specific functional requirements.

SRM gas-insulated switchgear offers a variety of advantages due to its compact design, low maintenance requirements and stable performance. It is the ideal solution for power transmission and distribution systems where reliability and performance are paramount.



SRM-40.5 series provides a full range of fully enclosed and fully insulated inflatable annular main switchgear for various 36~40.5kV distribution network applications. With 10 standard combinations, this compact switchgear offers a wide selection of functional units to meet different requirements.

Key Features:

Versatile combination: The SRM-40.5 switchgear allows users to choose from a variety of functional units, providing flexibility and customization for different applications.

Complete solution: SRM-40.5 series is equipped with user-friendly interfaces and interfaces to provide a comprehensive switching solution for 36~40.5kV secondary distribution network.

Fully sealed design: The air chamber of the SRM-40.5 is made of stainless steel and filled with SF6 gas, ensuring that the energized components are completely insulated and sealed from the external environment. This hermetically sealed system guarantees high reliability, minimal maintenance and enhanced personnel safety.

Robust construction: Switchgear is designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring long-term performance and durability.

The SRM-40.5 series of fully insulated, gas-filled toroidal switchgear sets new standards for efficiency, safety and adaptability in medium-voltage distribution networks. Its cutting-edge design and reliable performance make it the top choice for utilities and industries worldwide.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Rated voltage: 36kV
  2. Rated current: 630A / 1250A
  3. Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  4. Rated short-circuit current: 20kA
  5. Rated short-time withstand current (3s): 20kA
  6. Rated peak withstand current: 50kA
  7. Rated power frequency withstand voltage: 95kV
  8. Rated lightning strike withstand voltage: 185kV

Environmental conditions:

  1. Ambient temperature: -15°C to +40°C operating range (storage and transport allowed at -30°C).
  2. Altitude: no more than 1000m above sea level.
  3. Earthquake intensity: not more than 8 degrees.
  4. Wind pressure: ≤700 years
  5. Suitable for environments with no fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and strong vibration.

Reference standard document: C37.20.2-2022 – IEEE standard for metal-clad switchgear

Manufacturer of SRM-40.5 indoor gas-insulated switchgear panels offers a reliable and efficient solution for medium voltage power distribution. With its advanced features, rugged construction and compliance with international standards, this gas-insulated switchgear is trusted by the critical power distribution needs of industrial and utility companies.


◇C – Load switching unit

◇D- Direct cable connection unit

◇D- Direct cable connection unit with grounding switch

◇F- Load switch-fuse combination unit

◇V- Vacuum circuit breaker unit

GB3804-2004   GB16926-1997   GB1984-2003


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