DXN8B-40.5-Φ115: High Voltage Busbar Support Transformer Insulator with Sensor for Distribution Cabinet

General Description:

The 40.5kV high voltage busbar support transformer insulator with a sensor is designed using epoxy resin automatic pressure gelatin (APG) technology. This innovative design features bottom screws that act as conductors for current induction and information transmission to the live display.

Commonly employed in earthing switches, this device connects three sensors to provide power to the charged display. Additionally, the sensor can serve as an insulator; however, it should be grounded when used in this manner.



  • Epoxy resin cast insulators and sensors are seamlessly integrated with the charged display device, making them ideal for switchgear applications.
  • Manufactured with precision using epoxy resin, the product undergoes an intricate production process.
  • Its construction involves epoxy resin vacuum casting and APG epoxy resin pressure gelatin, ensuring top-notch quality.
  • The product’s integrity can be assessed using X-ray instruments, bureau put instruments, and thermal cycle test machines.
  • It offers various specifications tailored to the size of the electric current, and it has garnered recognition both domestically and internationally.

Working Conditions:

  • Altitude must not exceed 1000m, with even stricter limits for plateau areas, not exceeding 3000m.
  • The surrounding temperature should range from -10°C to +40°C, taking into account daily average temperature.
  • Daily average relative humidity should not surpass 95%, with control over monthly average relative humidity.
  • Installation environments should be free from dust, smoke, corrosive or flammable air, vapor, and salt fog.
  • There should be no frequent vibrations or impacts in the installation area.
  • The product is designed to function in conditions involving dew and mild contamination (Ⅱ feculence).

Technical Data:

  • Product Name: Sensor
  • Product Model: DXN8B-40.5-Φ115
  • Material: Epoxy resin
  • Rated Voltage: 40.5kV
  • Height: Available in various dimensions (320, 330, 340, 360, 365, 380)
  • Craft: The Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG)


DXN8B-40.5-Φ115: High Voltage Busbar Support Transformer Insulator with Sensor for Distribution Cabinet插图1

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