HXGN-12 SF6 ring main unit RMU cabinet

12kV Switchgear

HXGN-12 SF6 Ring Main Unit Switchgear is a reliable and efficient solution for medium-voltage power distribution. The enclosure is constructed with premium aluminum-zinc coated sheet steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance and an artistic design. The switchgear features a separate load break switch unit filled with SF6 insulation, ensuring long service life and low maintenance requirements.

C37.20.2-2022 – IEEE standard for metal-clad switchgear


Technical parameters

Cabinet outline dimensions(mm)(not including door )

      Height       width        Depth
1600 1800       375         840
1600 1800       420         840
1600 1800       500         840
1600 1800       750         840

Main Characteristics:

  1. The load break switch utilizes SF6 as an insulation medium, offering outstanding properties such as high parameters, minimal maintenance, and freedom from pollution.
  2. The enclosure is made of aluminum-zinc coated sheet steel, making it resistant to corrosion and oxidation, while also adding an aesthetic appeal to the structure.
  3. The spring charging operation, three-phase free trip, five-proof interlock, and integrated operation mechanism ensure safe and reliable functioning.
  4. The ring main unit can be easily configured into a ring network power supply unit or other wiring configurations, providing great flexibility and adaptability.
  5. The SF6 load break switch boasts comprehensive safety features, being free from oil, toxicity, and the risk of explosion or fire disasters.
  6. This design can be combined with KYN28A-12 central-installed switchgear for enhanced performance.

Working Conditions:

  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: +45°C
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: -45°C
  • Maximum Comparative Average Humidity: Daily Average ≤ 95%, Monthly Average ≤ 90%
  • Altitude: Up to 3000 meters above sea level
  • Seismic Capacity Level: 8

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