Oil-Immersed Transformer

Voltage level:

10-500 kV

Transformer capacity:


Products include:

Fully sealed distribution transformers
Cubic core distribution transformers
Amorphous alloy distribution transformers
Oil-immersed power transformers for new energy



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Main Characteristics

  1. High Short-Circuit Resistance and Superior Mechanical Performance
  2. Low Power Consumption, Partial Discharge, and Noise Levels
  3. Leak-Free with No Lifting of Core or Winding Body, Requiring Minimal Maintenance

Main Technical Points

  1. Scientific Computing Method:
    • Advanced software for electromagnetic heat and mechanical power computes field distribution and wave processes.
    • Simulation ensures product reliability and rational structure.
  2. Structured Rationalization:
    • Rational selection of insulation, wire specifications, and flux density.
    • Magnetic screening for the oil tank, vibration frequency calculation, and special structures.
    • Measures to reduce power consumption, noise, and enhance resistance.
  3. Advanced Processing Methods:
    • Automated precision iron core cutting to reduce burrs.
    • Non-overlapping upper yoke processing.
    • Application of double-H setting glue, vertical wire coiling, and advanced drying processes.
  4. Robust Quality Assurance:
    • Aligned with ISO19001 quality standards.
  5. Systematic Data Management:
    • ERP&PDM programs from sales to shipment.

Factory Test Procedures

  • Voltage ratio, polarity, and phase test
  • Resistance measurement
  • Load and no-load current/loss measurement
  • Impedance and over-voltage tests
  • Noise, oil leakage, and overload tests

Service Conditions

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Temperature: +40℃ max, -30℃ min
  • Humidity: Monthly 95%, daily 90%
  • Altitude: Max 2000m
  • Max wind speed: 35M/s
  • Ambient air free of corrosive or flammable elements
  • No frequent violent shaking

Note: For conditions beyond, consult the manufacturer’s technical department.

Project Cases

Oil-Immersed Transformer插图8

Bangladesh Power Grid Project


Oil-Immersed Transformer插图9

Greece Power grid project

Factory Photos

Material stacking area

Oil-Immersed Transformer插图10

assembly area

Oil-Immersed Transformer插图11

inspection area

Oil-Immersed Transformer插图12

finished product

Oil-Immersed Transformer插图13