Bussmann EV20-70-C 70A 500VDC EV fuse stock


Description :Bussmann EV20-50;EV Fuse 50A 500VDC S20

Stock quantity(PCS) :100

Lead time ( Weeks ) :6

Categories:Fast acting fuse; Semiconductor fuse; EV fuse; DC fuse; 500VDC fuse;

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Bussmann, a brand with history of 106 years professionally on fuse.It’s with more than 130,000 kinds of different fuses in multiple applications.

Eaton’s Bussmann® series Electric Vehicle (EV) fuses for the protection of high power battery charging and management systems up to 500 Vdc in ratings from 50 to 400 amps. 



•    Volts – 500 Vdc

•    Amps – 50-400 A

•    Interrupting rating

•    Max DC – 20 kA

•    Min DC 200%


Agency information

•   Designed to:

•   JASO D622

•   ISO 8820-8

•   Manufactured under a TS16949 quality system for compliance with automotive requirements

•   RoHS compliant

•   REACH declaration available upon request


•   20 mm fuses: 250 fuses per box

•   25 mm fuses: 100 fuses per box

•   30 mm fuses: 100 fuses per box

Fuse Cross Reference:

Bussmann Mersen
EV20-50 MEV55C

Family fuses:


fuse PN fuse Description
EV20-100-C Bussmampnn EV fuse 100amp 500VDC S20
EV20-125-C Bussmampnn EV fuse 125amp 500VDC S20
EV20-150-C Bussmampnn EV fuse 150amp 500VDC S20
EV20-50-C Bussmampnn EV fuse 50amp 500VDC S20
EV20-60-C Bussmampnn EV fuse 60amp 500VDC S20
EV20-70-C Bussmampnn EV fuse 70amp 500VDC S20
EV20-80-C Bussmampnn EV fuse 80amp 500VDC S20