Glass Insulator

Glass Insulator Range:

  • Toughened Glass Insulator
  • Fog Type Toughened Glass Insulator
  • Aerodynamic Type Toughened Glass Insulator
  • Double Shed Toughened Glass Insulator
  • Ground Wire Type Toughened Glass Insulator
  • Aerodynamic Type Toughened Glass Insulator



Toughened Glass Insulators serve a critical role in transmission lines, embodying the standard profile cap and pin design. Their metal components are expertly fashioned from malleable iron, ductile iron, or steel, followed by a hot-dip galvanization process. At the discretion of the request, these insulators can be equipped with zinc anti-corrosive sleeves where the pin interfaces with internal cement.

Our company produces a comprehensive range of Cap and Pin suspension type glass insulators, each catering to distinct requirements:

  1. Standard Profile: 40~550kN
  2. Fog Type Profile: 70~300kN
  3. Open Profile: 70~240kN
  4. Ground Profile: 70~100kN
  5. Double Shed Profile: 70~240kN

These versatile insulators find extensive application in high-voltage, extra-high-voltage, and ultra-high-voltage transmission lines, accommodating voltage grades between 10KV and 1000KV.

Quality Assurance:

Our products have successfully undergone stringent tests conducted by renowned institutions like the State Grid Company Wuhan High Voltage Institute and the China Electric Power Research Institute. These tests encompass a comprehensive range of performance indices and technical parameters, surpassing national standards and benchmarks.

Our factory adheres stringently to a series of exhaustive tests, ensuring the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products, metal settings, and finished products. These tests encompass various dimensions:

  1. Raw Material Composition Analysis
  2. Glass Batch Ingredient Analysis
  3. Glass Chemical Analysis
  4. Electrical Tests, including lighting full-wave impulse, steep-front impulse, line frequency withstand voltage, and flash-over tests
  5. Mechanical Tests, such as impact and thermal shock tests
  6. Additional Tests, including power frequency puncture, magnetic particle, and others

Our unwavering commitment to both national and international standards ensures that Toughened Glass Insulators excel in demanding transmission line environments, delivering unparalleled reliability and performance.


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