Circuit-breakers LZM

Eaton breaker

Circuit-breakers LZM1, 2, 3, 4 up to 1600 A

Reliably and safely controlling, switching and managing power, in industry, in buildings and in machine construction. Enabled by innovative
protection concepts. Eaton’s LZM Series MCCB is an optimized range of
power distribution circuit breakers designed for general purpose applications up to 1600A. LZM offers flexible protection options for low voltage
power systems and small machines, including main power distribution
boards with up to 1000V insulation voltage. The LZM is optimized in 4
frame sizes with breaking capacity from 25kA up to 70kA and basic protective functions for cable and system protection. All trip units include
adjustable short circuit and overcurrent protection.


Circuit-breaker series LZM1 to LZM4
• Compact and powerful, the LZM provides several protective functions for general
• The breaking capacity is 25kA – 70kA and the rated current range is 20A – 1600A,
which can meet the requirement for most applications.
• With breaking capacity of 25kA – 70kA, electronic and thermal release options
and ratings up to 1600A, LZM meets the requirement for most applications.
• Full range of accessories available including various terminals, withdrawable and
plug in units, mechanical interlocking for main devices and handle mechanisms.
• Meets applicable IEC 60947-2 Standards with CE mark and CCC approval.
• Flexible mounting using modular function groups
• Full rated current at 50C ambient temperature
• Just 4 compact frame sizes
• Available as 3 and 4-pole device

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