170M3193 Bussmann fast acting fuse


Description :Bussmann fast acting FUSE 160Aamp 1000VDC/1250VAC 1*TN/110 AR CU

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Lead time ( Weeks ) :14

Categories:Fast acting fuse; Semiconductor fuse; High voltage fuse; 1000VDC fuse;

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Bussmann fast acting fuse is hot in Bussmann fuse family.

EV fuse, Square body, BS88 fuse, Ferrule fuse, Cylindrical fuse, Midget fuse……

Bussmann with more than 130,000 kinds of different fuses in multiple applications.Such as this 170M fuse, Mainly to protect semiconductor.

170M — Square Body size 000 to 3,dual indicator fuses, fast acting fuses.

170M3193 series 1000VDC fuses are used in Electric Vehicles,Hybrid Electric Vehicles  industry.

Fuse Cross Reference:

Bussmann  Mersen Siemens
170M3143  12,5URD70D11A0160 *

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Fuse PN  Fuse Description Fuse Picture
170M3193 Bussmann fast acting FUSE 160A 1250V 1*TN/110 AR CU
170M3243 Bussmann fast acting FUSE 160A 1250V 1*KN/110 AR CU
170M3443 Bussmann fast acting fuse 160A 1250V 1*BKN/80 AR CU

Family fuses:

Fuse PN Fuse Description
170M4443 Bussmann fast acting fuse 400A 1250V 1BKN/80 AR CU
170M5446 Bussmann fast acting fuse 630A 1250V 2BKN/80 AR CU
170M1810 Bussmann fast acting fuse 160A 1000V DC 000FU/90 AR UR