170M5446 Bussmann 1000VDC fuse


Description :Bussmann fast acting fuse 630amp 1000VDC/1250VAC 2BKN/80 AR CU

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Categories:1000VDC fuse; EV charger fuse; Fast acting fuse; Semiconductor fuse; High voltage fuse;

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690VAC current limiting fuse: 100FE, 170M1322 etc;

1000VAC semiconductor fuse: 170M2682,170M3958 etc;

1000VDC PV fuse:PV-125ANH1, PV-15A10F etc;

1250VAC high speed fuse: 170M6339, 170M5138 etc;

1500VAC semiconductor fuse: 170M2083, 1500amp 1500VDC fuse; 170M6734,800amp 1500VAC fuse.

12~24KV transformer protection current limiting fuse: 12TDLEJ63, 24TDLEJ 63;

Motor ciuicuit protection fuse: 7.2CAV10;

Bussmann with more than 130,000 kinds of different fuses in multiple applications.Such as this 170M fuse, Mainly to protect semiconductor.

170M — Square Body size 000 to 3,dual indicator fuses, fast acting fuses.

170M5446 series 1000VDC fuses are used in Electric Vehicles,Hybrid Electric Vehicles  industry.

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Bussmann  Mersen Siemens
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Fuse PN  Fuse Description Fuse Picture
170M5146 Busmsann fast acting FUSE 630amp 1000VDC 1250VAC 2/110 AR CU 170M5446 Bussmann 1000VDC fuse插图1
170M5696 Busmsann fast acting FUSE 630amp 1000VDC 1250VAC 2FU/115 AR CU 170M5446 Bussmann 1000VDC fuse插图2
170M6494 Busmsann fast acting FUSE 630amp 1000VDC 1250VAC 3BKN/90 AR CU 170M5446 Bussmann 1000VDC fuse插图3

Family fuses:



Fuse PN Fuse Description
170M4443 Bussmann fast acting fuse 400amp  1000VDC/1250VAC 1BKN/80 AR CU
170M5446 Bussmann fast acting fuse 630amp 1000VDC/1250VAC 2BKN/80 AR CU
170M1810 Bussmann fast acting fuse 160amp 1000V DC 000FU/90 AR UR