170M6813 Cooper Bussmann fast acting fuse


Description :170M6813 Bussmann fast acting 900amp 690VAC fuse datasheet, stock and price in ABPower_Bussmann fast acting fuse distributor

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Categories:Fast acting fuse; Semiconductor fuse

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Bussmann fast acting fuse is hot in Bussmann fuse family.

EV fuse, Square body, BS88 fuse, Ferrule fuse, Cylindrical fuse, Midget fuse…..

170M — Square Body size 000 to 3, DIN 43620,dual indicator fuses

690 Vac (IEC), 700 Vac (UL), 10 to 1600 A

Specifications:Square body DIN 43620 blade high speed fuses with dual indicatorsystem: one indicator in the fuse body and another one in themetallic end plate. Interchangeable

with existing high speed DIN43620 fuses for the protection of UPS, soft starters, solid staterelays, variable speed drives, rectifiers and inverters.



• 690 Vac (IEC)

•700 Vac (UL)

•Amps 10-1600 A

•IR 200 kA RMS Sym.

Operating class

•gR (size 000, 10-63 A)

•aR (others)

Agency information

• Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4

• UL Recognized, JFHR2, E125085

• CSA Class 1422-30, (53787) with the exception of catalog number170M4867D

• CE

Fuse Cross Reference:

Bussmann Mersen
170M6813 *

Family fuses:


fuse PN fuse Description
170M6808D Bussmann fuse 170M6808D;250A 500V DIN 3 AR UC
170M6809D Bussmann fuse 170M6809D;250A 500V DIN 3 AR UC
170M6814D Bussmann fuse 170M6814D;250A 500V DIN 3 AR UC
170M6892D Bussmann fuse 170M6892D;250A 500V DIN 3 AR UC
170M8554D Bussmann fuse 170M8554D;250A 500V DIN 3 AR UC
170M8557D Bussmann fuse 170M8557D;250A 500V DIN 3 AR UC