72.5 kV switch attachment Vacuum interrupters

An economic solution in a
smaller footprint

Eaton vacuum interrupters (VIs) are used in load break
switches to connect and disconnect electrical load currents
providing limited load switch capacity. As a global leader of
the power switching industry, Eaton developed a 72.5 kV
vacuum interrupter for use in a vacuum switch attachment
for high voltage air disconnect switches. In this application,
the vacuum interrupter is only used to break current while
providing a lower cost and a smaller footprint alternative
to stacking vacuum interrupters in series.


• Single vacuum interrupterallows for a compact switch
• Single vacuum interrupterreduces complicated stacking mechanisms
• Low bellows force option
• Single break option
• Low environmental impact during service life and end of life
• Low maintenance
• Low chop current
• Tested per IEEE® 1247

Markets and applications
Eaton’s 72.5 kV switch attachment vacuum interrupter is being used within the utilities industry for substation or transmission applications.

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