Eaton Bussmann series medium voltage motor fuse 7.2WKNHO200

Motor fuse-link MV, medium voltage, 200 A, AC 7.2 kV, 76 x 403mm, back-up, BS, with striker HS

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General specifications Product Name Eaton Bussmann series medium voltage motor fuse
Catalog Number 7.2WKNHO200
UPC 051712837835
EAN 5027590488839
Product Length/Depth 403 mm
Product Height 76 mm
Product Width
Product Weight 2169 g
Warranty Not Applicable
Compliances BS 2692-1
Product specifications Interrupt rating 40 kAIC
Standard British Standard
Release characteristic Other
Amperage Rating 200 A
Fuse type WKNH
Rated frequency – min 50 Hz
Fuse size 76 x 403 mm
With striker Yes
Voltage rating 7.2 kV
Fuse indicator Non Indicating
Rated frequency – max
Performance Cat According To IEC 60282-1 Back-up
Construction size
Utilization category
Barrels 1
Type fuse
Fuse diameter
Fuse shape Cylindrical, offset bolted tags
Used with A3354730 Nickel-plated copper fuse clip
Breaking capacity 40 A
Class Class back-up
Product application Motor protection
Installation technique Air
Voltage type AC
Packaging type Standard
Product specification guides  Eaton Specification Sheet – 7.2WKNHO200
Date Mon Jul 24 2023