FWL-25A20F Bussmann|1000VDC fuse


Description :Bussmann FERRULE FUSE 25Amp 1000VDC A127 GR

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Bussmann with more than 130,000 kinds of different fuses in multiple applications.


FWL Ferrule fuse 1200 Vac/1000 Vdc (IEC), 20x127mm, 20 to 30 A

Ferrule style high speed fuses for the protection of DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/rectifiers and reduced rated voltage starters. Available with indicator.


• Volts

• 1200 Vac (IEC)

• 1000 Vdc (IEC)

• Amps 20-30 A

• IR 

• 50 kA RMS Sym

• 50 kA at 1000 Vdc

Operating class gR

Agency information

• IEC 60077

• CE


Fuse Cross Reference:


Bussmann  Mersen Littelfuse
FWL-25A20F  CC1000CPGRB20.127/25 *



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170M1802 Bussmann fast acting fuse 25A 1000V DC IEC aR 000FU/90 FWL-25A20F Bussmann|1000VDC fuse插图2
170M1842 Bussmann fast acting fuse 25A 1000V DC IEC aR 000FN/90 FWL-25A20F Bussmann|1000VDC fuse插图2

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Fuse PN Fuse Description
FWL-20A20F Bussmann FERRULE FUSE 20A 1000VDC A127 GR
FWL-25A20F Bussmann FERRULE FUSE 25A 1000VDC A127 GR
FWL-30A20F Bussmann FERRULE FUSE 30A 1000VDC A127 GR

DC  fuse rating relationship with fuse size

When the DC voltage increases by 150V, the length of the fuse body should be increased by 10 mm. In turn, when the DC voltage is 1000V, the length of the fuse body should be 70mm. When the DC fuse voltage is 10kv-12kv, the length of the tube body should be at least 600-700mm. Even if the fuse is bent, the length of the tube body should be about 300 mm, otherwise the threat of series arc still exists.

At present, the tube body length of AC fuse 10-12kV at home and abroad is generally 292-442mm. When DC fuse in Europe and America is 2000V DC, the round tube body is 127-190mm, and the square body fuse tube with high current is 170-200mm. All of these are based on the scientific choice of ensuring safe and reliable breaking.

Eaton Bussmann photovoltaic PV solar fuses are designed to protect DC system of 600VDC, 1000VDC, 1500 V d.c. They are suitable for the DC protection of solar panels, combiner boxes, recombiner units and battery storage.